Thursday, February 11, 2010

An East Coast defector wants a one-way ticket to New Orleans

O.K., so we don't have snow drifts to shut us down, but it's cold and wet down here in New Orleans, and ask anyone from north of Louisiana about the difference between the cold up there and cold down here, and he or she will tell you that it's a dry cold up there, but here, the damp cold chills you to the bone.

I've been hearing sleet tapping against my windows, and I just read that Muses postponed til tomorrow night, and the Krewe of Chaos canceled altogether. Too bad. The latter is my favorite. They're a reincarnation of Momus.

But, hey, Mr. Kosek, come on down! You can always get crab cakes and jambalaya down here, but it's crawfish and raw oyster season now, and you can catch a few parades while you're at it. We might want to talk about that one-way ticket, though. We've got our own kind of crazy here. Things might be a little too slow down here for a manic East Coast weatherman.

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