Wednesday, September 30, 2009

David Vitter has a linkage problem: A curious "e-update"

I'm on Sen. David Vitter's mailing list, apparently because of the petitions I've signed and letters I've written to him. I usually don't read his messages. They're enough to give anyone heartburn who recognizes his blatant lies and disinformation that flow out of his mouth every time he opens it. I think he qualifies as a pathological liar. (Just as some things don't take a rocket scientist to know, others don't take a clinical psychologist.) For starters, a serial adulterer has to be a pathological liar.

Vitter's infidelities to Louisiana citizens, whose will he's supposed to represent, are innumerable. He blatantly represents the industries who fund his campaigns and keep him in office so he can do their bidding. He misrepresents the facts to his constituents, then extracts opinions from them based on those lies and represents them as their will rather than what they really are: the will of the oil and gas industry and the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry, meanwhile pretending that his constituents who disagree with him have never told him so. (Granted, many don't bother, knowing it won't make a difference in his positions.) Take for example his work on behalf of the oil industry, under the caption "PROMOTING OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT IN THE OCS." This has nothing to do with lowering prices the public pays at the gas pump or to the utility company, but with acquiring more leases for the oil and gas companies so they can sit on them until its most profitable for them to drill, just as they're doing now with the offshore leases they already have but aren't using. And, besides, once they decide to drill, estimates are that it could take as long as 10 years for oil to reach the gas pump. Oil and natural gas wells are routinely capped in order to control prices most beneficial to the lesees. This canard has been going on for some time now. Newt Gingrich has been propagandizing about it full throttle; and, of course, we've been treated to "Drill-Baby-Drill" Palin's lies as well.

What really gets my goat, though, is Vitter's bragging about his attacks against Acorn and President Obama's "czars," as if these are the "good works" Catholicism teaches rather than more grave sins he needs to confess, and this time do real penance. His behavior is that of the criminal who gets clean away with mischief and then brags about it, pretending his crimes were actually moral acts. David Vitter's hypocricy knows no bounds. You could say his conscience became unlinked from his actions. He's achieved the quest of Dr. Jeckyll through the magic potient of politics. He can lie to and steal from his constituents and the greater public all day, and do the same in his personal life, enabled by the morally bankrupt GOP and a stand-by-her-creep wife, because he's linked to his misrepresentations. They say that if you lie enough, you can convince yourslef of your own falsehoods.

But what irks me even more, and should everyone else, is Vitter's disengenous sympathy for the victims of Hurricane Rita. Anyone who sees through Vitter's obstruction of real health care reform and recognizes that he's doing exactly what the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries want him to do, even though it means that Louisianians will lose their own lives or those of their loved ones, and that more Louisianians, including victims of Hurricane Rita, losing their homes. Anyone who sees this knows that David Vitter has no humanity. He's unlinked from the basic honesty and empathy that allows one to imagine the needs of others.

David Vitter has had no qualms about being a "John" and cavorting with prostitutes, nor has he any about prostituting himself to the oil and gas and the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, it appears that he'll perform for anyone peddling their influence, as long as they're willing to pay his price. He has a sizeable war chest, enough to launch a negative campaign agaist Rep. Charlie Melancon throughout the internet as soon as he got wind that he was likely to challenge him in 2010. In fact, that's how I received the welcomed news. Hardly a day had gone by that I didn't wonder who would run against him.

Yes, Vitter has a large war chest, thanks to those industries, to keep up his negativity throughout 2010, even after he's unseated. One thing no one has ever accused the malcontent David Vitter of having, though, is a sense of humor. Even so, his latest "e-update" isn't without humor, inadvertent as it might be. You see, the e-update is rather confused. Click on the heading of "REMEMBERING HURRICANE RITA," and you're taken to a rememberance of 9-11 victims. Click on "REIGNING IN THE PRESIDENT'S CZARS," and you're met with a whining video Vitter's whining response to President Obama's heath insurance reform, and so on. By the way, does anyone know why Vitter's face behaves like a ball of dough in the hands of a very unhappy baker? In all fairness, if you click on "here" in each section, you're treated to Vitter's pompous musings and "good works" on the respective topics. We might say these linking errors are virtual symptoms of his increasing moral unlinkage that we've been witnessed over the past few years.

By all means, though, explore Vitter's e-update and its erroneous and accurate links. Read them and get angry at the lies and hypocricy. Then read James Carville's letter of support for Rep. Charlie Melancon, who will hopefully defeat Vitter in 2010. Melancon may be a Blue Dog Democrat, but he'll have to do until a the real thing--aprogressive--comes along. He'll be a vast improvement over David Vitter.

We still have a few hours to help him meet his goal of $25,000 of grassroots support.


This month, we recognized the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Rita’s impact on Louisiana. I also made a move to reduce the power of the president’s “czars” and to increase our gas and energy exploration to help reduce costs and create new jobs.

Below you can read about these and other issues that I’m working on, such as ensuring that your tax dollars don’t go to ACORN.

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Photo Spotlight

Here I am pictured with representatives of the Louisiana Green Building Council when they came by my DC office to talk about the efforts and goals of their organization.


This past week, we paused to remember the impact of Hurricane Rita on southwest Louisiana. Rita’s significant impact on our state is often overlooked by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina but this event affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors. On the fourth anniversary of Rita’s impact, I wanted to remember this event and recognize the spirit and determination of southwest Louisianians as they continue the recovery process even today. Read the text of my full statement here.

This month, I filed an amendment that would limit the power of the president’s “czars” to make and implement policy. These advisors now number somewhere in the 20s, and they wield significant power over domestic programs and government agencies despite their not being approved by the Senate like members of the president’s cabinet. You can read more about this amendment here.


Last year, the prohibitions on OCS drilling expired, allowing us to move ahead with a more sensible approach to gas and energy exploration that would allow us to greatly reduce costs on American families. But now we are seeing delays from the Obama Administration that would stall that progress we made. That’s why I filed an amendment to the Interior-Environment appropriations bill that would prevent funds from being used to delay the implementation of an expanding drilling program that would boost our economy and increase our gas and energy supplies. You can learn more about the amendment here at my website.


Over the past year, we’ve all seen stories about the voter fraud and other allegations against the activist group ACORN. Last week the U.S. Senate voted to block future taxpayer dollars from being awarded to ACORN. But this month, it came to my attention that ACORN had been awarded a $1 million grant from a program that was designed to assist firefighters and fire departments. This is simply unacceptable, and I wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano asking her to rescind this grant and see that this money goes to those fire departments in the need of most assistance. To learn more about this situation, click here.

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