Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Procrastinator's New Year's Resolution

I don't usually make them. New Year's resolutions, I mean. Even a lapsed Catholic has enough to feel guilty about and enough masochistic tendencies without setting oneself up for failures. But to keep up my reputation for showing up late and being a world-class procrastinator, I'm making a resolution to blog more. Even every day, as is recommended by committed bloggers. Maybe a few times a day sometimes.

It's not as if I don't have something to say, things to share, to ask, to wonder about out loud....

Coincidentally this resolution came on the same day it's announced that Pope Benedict has issued a command to his clergy underlings to "go forth and blog."

Pope  Benny wears cool hats. That's a fact. I would wear that one shown here. But I have a few bones to pick with him, and the Church--how could any good consciencious Catholic not?--regarding women's role in the church, its constant interference with women's reproductive rights, and harboring pedophiliacs.
So, as I make this resolution to blog more, I hope other bloggers will take up PB's command as a challenge to blog about the Catholic Church, including its contributions to humanity and its great fallibilities.

I would like our emporer more if he wore hats. But it's a good thing he doesn't. Then we'd have to figure out if he doesn't take it off when he's indoors because 1) he thinks emporers, like popes, aren't obligated to, and/or 2) he has bad manners, and no class. He should at least have the decency to wear a crown, since he has, just as W did before him, crown himself as emporer of the world. And these wimpy Democratic-controlled congresses have allowed it.