Monday, January 12, 2009

Gaza Protests I: Winter of Our Discontent

In New Orleans most people leave their Christmas trees up through Twelfth Night, the beginning of Carnival season, when the first king cakes are served. That day is known throughout Spanish America as Kings Day, when gifts are presented to children. The twelve days of Christmas are observed in New Orleanians, more than elsewhere in the United States, tend to observe the twelve days of Christmas.
However, Israel, along with the Bush administration, had decided six months before Christmas, at the time of its cease-fire agreement with Hamas, to begin an offensive against Gaza during Christmas. Israel's Chanuka gift to Israelis has sent shock waves throughout the world. It stole Christmas from hundreds of millions throughout Christendom, it has driven an even greater wedge between the Zionist state and the populace of Islam.
cartoon: Rubén, Presagio ("Omen")

"We Will Not Go Down"
by Michael Heart


What is Nolagazity? Nolagazity is the invisible city that began emerging out of the ethers on that afternoon of December 27, 2008, when Israel dropped the first bombs on Gaza in what became known as Israel's War on Gaza, but which I refuse to call anything but what it really is: Israel's War on Gazans, innocent men, women, and children. It was not actually the beginning of Israel's war against the people of Gaza, but rather another phase of its over 60-year war against Palestinians, this one bloodier than any before. As Gaza was destroyed by Israel, it became forever bound through its suffering to all the other destroyed cities and regions throughout history, including New Orleans.

But there are so many differences, you say. Yes, of course, and those differences are worth noting. But the similarities are what we have in mind, for those similarities are what make New Orleans and Gaza sister cities, sister regions. Together, New Orleans and Gaza form an invisible city, a city called Nolagazity from an ojos criollos perspective. It is up to New Orleanians to reach over sea and land, through the ethers and this cyberspace, to the survivors of Gaza. To make our new bonds visible. To raise our voices and to join them with those across the globe. Voices in all the languages of the world shouting out demands for a ceasefire, demands for justice and peace. Demands for life with dignity for Gazans and all Palestinians.

London Protests

On 28 December, over 700 Londoners converged at the Israel Embassy to protest the airstrikes on Gaza.

London Protest, 3 January 2009, 50,000 Strong March to Trafalgar Square

Manuel Hassassian

George Galloway

Ismael Patel

Tony Benn

Gaza Siter Maryan

Alexi Sayle

Claire Short

Jeremy Corbyn

Sarah Teather

Jeremy Rees

Annie Lennox

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